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I think UT Southwestern and the O’Donnell Brain Institute together are poised at a unique opportunity to change and improve the lives of individuals with brain disease. And it’s going to depend on a culture of excellence and really going for the North Star. The Brain Institute really strives to create this culture in which barriers are broken down. That allows us to do things I think others can’t do.

William T. Dauer, M.D.
Director, Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute

An Evening with DocStars

An Evening with DocStars 2022 Highlight Video
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A Night to Remember

To read more about The Cary Council’s signature event, An Evening with DocStars, and meet the 2022 grant recipients, click here.

$9.4M in Follow-On Funding

Since the inaugural An Evening with DocStars event in 2017, The Cary Council has awarded 15 substantial grants to young investigators to accelerate their work for a total of $750,000. These grants have attracted $9.4 million in additional funding for research spanning several important medical areas, including breast cancer, brain cancer, genomic technologies, and infectious disease.

Established $100K Endowed Fund

In 2021, The Cary Council reached a significant milestone by partnering with Southwestern Medical Foundation to establish their first endowed gift, which totaled $100,000 with matching funds. The Cary Council Brain Fellowship Support Fund for the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute at UT Southwestern will provide the means to recruit and train young talent for the Institute.

Learning from Leaders

Nurse Practitioner Turned Advocate: Josie Sewell's "Why"
Medical Education

Future Leaders and Healers

Brad Cutrell

I think giving really binds the community and the donors and the Foundation to the institution. It’s a significant investment in the future of the institution. The community supports UT Southwestern and our hospitals and our students and our researchers and all of those really, I think, in a unique way. Not every academic medical institution experiences that.”

James "Brad" Cutrell, M.D.
William Turner

The scholarship recipients [at UT Southwestern] understand the importance of the investments that are being made in them. Individual donors, the Southwestern Medical Foundation, and UT Southwestern have made bets on our scholarship recipients. In some cases, all-in bets for the good of our society.”

William Turner, M.D.

Photo Gallery from the Event

To read more about the “Inspiring a Higher Standard in Medicine” program hosted in 2022, click here.